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Deborah Angus

 Whos Talking sourceMy daughter and I were having a lot of difficulties. We were fighting and impatient with each other. A coworker I respected highly recommended Elizabeth Harrison. We went to a couple of sessions together and each had an a couple individual session. There was an immediate change. To this day no matter the difficulties we have new found skills and a growing improvement. We use BrainBodyBalance techniques to keep calm in stressful situations. Our relationship problems have resulted int greater inner peace. Whos Talking source


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Patty Anez

 Whos Talking sourceI met Elizabeth 15 years ago at a Kinesiology class given by her husband Noble…my life has never been the same. Elizabeth has a contagious love of life,endless curiosity, and a deep understanding of the soul.
Her 'Brain Body Balance' techniques have changed my life and the lives of my family in a positive way.
The first issue I worked on with Elizabeth was anger, that was quickly transformed…I am passionate, but now I can look at things from the mountain top and not get a rise. Whos Talking source


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Minna Nix

 Whos Talking sourceHi my name is Minna Nix and Brain Body Balance has changed my life by helping me to live in the moment and not rush life. I didn’t realize it but I was always a hurried, critical, overly sensitive, unstable person. I was always changing jobs after getting bored and had no focus or direction on where I was going to go next; I just felt I could not be still. Brain Body Balance has helped me to be still and listen, to understand that storms that come into our lives are lessons to be learned and not something to get angry about or dwell upon. It has opened my eyes to a whole new life. We have choices to make and if we understand that this very moment is all we truly have, then the choice is how you are going to make the most of it. Just the other day I encountered someone who said very hurtful things to me, and I wanted to be upset and angry, but because of the Brain Body Balance techniques I have learned I was able to circle it up, let go and go about my day, and it was a good day. I remembered that those hurtful words were a moment ago, and that I was now in a different moment and it was a lesson to be learned. That I am better than those words and that now I was centered and focusing on the task at hand. It was a great triumph and I was so thankful for the techniques I have learned. I use them everyday and I could not imagine not having that information in my life. I have since found my life’s passion by being still and listening, and found out I was an Artist. An Artist is the exact opposite of what I used to be, because an Artist is patient and kind and slow moving, that it how a painting becomes complete; with a lot of love, technique and balance. Whos Talking source


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Charsey Hunt

 Whos Talking source Six years ago I was feeling depressed and exhausted. After being diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism, high cholesterol, and early menopause, I was put on the prescription synthroid. Almost immediately after being on the medication, I began have panic attacks and was actually feeling worse. While I knew that the prescription was causing the anxiety, the doctor tried to prescribe more medication (i.e. Prozac for my anxiety, cholesterol meds, estrogen, etc). Frustrated, I decided to try something alternative, which led me to Elizabeth and BBB, which my brother had been urging me to do for months.
After several sessions it became clear that I had underlying issues from my past that were making me ill and needed to be cleared. I went off the prescription meds against the advice of my doctor because I know in my heart BBB was going to be my answer. Eventually my thyroid symptoms disappeared and I became more clear and at peace. My bloodwork comes back completely normal. Even my physician, one of the most respected endocronologists in the area, says he's never seen anything like it! I was so thrilled with my results that I've even brought my teenage daughter in who also has found success in this process. I urge anyone to try BBB. It really changed my life!  Whos Talking source


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Jenna Thompson

 Whos Talking source Elizabeth is the only person I know who gets excited when I come to her with an imbalance. I’d be complaining about how I felt and Elizabeth would respond to say, “YAY! YOU GET TO LEARN!” In the beginning it was very uplifting to see someone with so much faith and enthusiasm towards an imbalance, although it was also quite confusing at the same time. But nowadays, my automatic response to any kind of imbalance is, “YAY! I GET TO LEARN!”
My healing journey began when I started experiencing severe depression and full blown panic attacks. It got to the point where I was almost positive these destructive feelings and emotions were going to take my life … until I started praying for answers. I was led to Elizabeth and after the course of about three months, I was rejuvenated and balanced. In fact, after only my first session using the Brain, Body, Balance techniques, my panic attacks were non existent. I couldn’t even have a panic attack if I tried! From that point on, I have experienced zero panic attacks and my mood is always far from depressed. I truly feel like a whole new person inside and out. I remember one morning during these three months I caught my self dancing and singing while I was making breakfast. Before this morning, I probably wouldn’t have been able to recall the last time I sang and danced by myself. I was being so obnoxious, but it took me a while to really realize it. Since I grew up dancing and singing all the time and since dancing and singing are both passions of mine, I realized after I caught myself that I’m back! Back to me … to my real home … centered and balanced. And then I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, this is good stuff!”
After two years, I am still amazed at the fact that I was able to completely avoid pharmaceutical medication considering how detrimental my health was. Each new lesson I learn after using Brain, Body, Balance techniques enhances the way I perceive my life. In addition to feeling more centered, some other major changes I’ve noticed with this practice are the abundant amount of positive energy that flows through me. My thoughts are more positive, which leads to more positive actions. I hardly ever complain. My life has become simpler and I am not attached to as many material things, people, and expectations as I use to be. I crave more healthy and fresh foods. My ego has diminished significantly. My senses of faith and trust have strengthened. I am able to differentiate between what I need and what I want. I have more energy and am more motivated. I’m more humble and thankful. I’m more independent. The love I have for myself and others is plentiful and balanced. And, the most exciting change I’ve noticed is my true happiness.
Brain, Body, Balance is not about covering up symptoms, it is not a quick fix and you are not going to experience pure bliss one hundred percent of the time … how boring! Brain, Body, Balance is about becoming a human BEING, not a human doing. It teaches you how to listen to truth and it connects you as you become illuminated with love, joy, and peace. It is an exciting and liberating path and I am grateful everyday that I chose it!  Whos Talking source


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Julio Elias

 Whos Talking source BrainBodyBalance Techniques opens the way to learning how to open your mind, body and soul and be a tuned to the Higher Power. It teaches that life is about your truth. No matter the challenges, you are able to remain focused and true to yourself and the Higher Power. Positive energy flows and allows you to live in the present, to simply Be.  Whos Talking source


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Laura S.

 Whos Talking source To those who seek the answers,I could speak for hours about the life altering work that I have done with Elizabeth Harrison, but for the sake of time, and to keep it simple, I will do my best to be concise. Elizabeth is a truly amazing woman. She illuminates from within, and her light shines brightly on all of those who are fortunate to know her. I met Elizabeth nearly 3 years ago. My first impression, was that there was something very special about her. Her energy was unlike anyone's I had ever encountered. It wasn't that many months later, that I began my work with her… and what a journey it has been, and continues to be… and like all other seemingly chance encounters in life, it was meant to be.
Prior to meeting E, I had been working with other practitioners in the holistic field. I had been to chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers, attended EFT and meditation workshops,nutritionists, seen cranial/sacral massage therapists…you name it, I probably tried it. Like most of us, I had many scars from my past that would not heal, many re-occurring negative patterns in my life, many past pain memories that would not go away, and was facing serious physical health issues that were surfacing as a result. I had been on a quest to heal the pains of my past, in order to live a healthy, balanced life of abundance, joy and inner peace. Sadly, all of the different methods that I had tried, only put temporary band aids on my wounds. Not until I began my work with Elizabeth, did I ever see true results.
Elizabeth and her wonderful husband, Noble, have worked together, to combine many healing techniques into what they refer to as "Brain Body Balance." Through BBB, one gets to be a part of a fascinating adventure in self discovery, but more importantly, one can truly heal. Her techniques work, and produce amazing results. BBB has literally changed the course of my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Today, I am healthy.
Two years ago, I walked out of a 22 year marriage to begin a new life. Had it not been for the work that I had done with Elizabeth, I might still be living in a toxic relationship. At the time that I left, I was no longer afraid. Instead, I felt emancipated and light.
Through her work, I have learned self help techniques, that I can utilize in my daily life. I now know how to literally "pop" traumas as they occur, or painful memories when they surface, so that they no longer own a piece of me. I have gotten in tune with my inner voice, which is my intuition, and thus, have learned how to live free. I will no longer allow another person or event to steal my joy, not for a second, and if and when life throws me a curve, I rely on the techniques that Elizabeth has taught me, to clear myself of the event.
I cannot say enough times, how grateful I am to have met Elizabeth, for my association with her, and the work that we have done together, has transformed my life. She has a pure heart, a generous spirit, an enormous gift in the work that she does with her clients, oozes talent in everything she does, and an infectious, loving and joy filled personality. Those who know and love her, feel blessed to have met her, and honored to call her our friend.  Whos Talking source


 Whos Talking source As a therapist myself, I can vouch for the fact that knowledge and awareness only rendered me an expert on my own depression and anxiety. I understood well the ramifications of my childhood abuse but my symptoms seemed to gain momentum over time. When my post trauma body memories of fear and self blame were confused and deleted, my feelings became more normal with less extreme mood swings. The best part, no more Prozac for me!  Whos Talking source      – Psychotherapist

 Whos Talking source During my own balancing sessions for a chronic irritable bowel, I inquired about my pet, an 8 years old Shitzu with depression who also had stomach problems. It took only a few moments to get the biofeedback message she could not speak. Our sleeping area had negative electromagnetic energy from a transformer near by and she was absorbing my anxiety about the future that caused her stomach symptoms. It was amazing to see her return to her playful, puppy-like nature, symptom free and sleeping soundly after a brief balance session and correction of the energy field of our bedroom.  Whos Talking source      – Single Guy and Pet

 Whos Talking source I hated my job but was scared to leave. It's all I ever knew. Clearing my blocks not only made me more peaceful, opportunities I could not imagine became available. I have to pinch myself because for the first time ever… my work is now my passion. I will never go back to striving and manipulating my life's direction. It's much easier to stay mentally and physically present, to enjoy what is, and hear the next step as well.  Whos Talking source      – Former Dentist

 Whos Talking source I was told that my medical condition of chronic fatigue and pain could only be helped with medication to mask the symptoms. Wrong! Some small part of me rebelled at the prognosis. Steeped in the medical mind set of my profession, I am grateful I took my friend's referral advice who had been helped with her back problems and allergies. I was willing to try anything to get my life back to normal. I didn't have to wait for results. The very first session began to release habitual, stuck negative feelings, thoughts and even the body aches and tiredness. It did not surprise me that my first unconscious response targeted the core theme of my negative thoughts, "People take too much from me and never give back." I even went into the 'giving' profession. After a couple of sessions, I could be thankful that the illness and people I had resented motivated me me to find answers. I now feel more alive in every area of my life.  Whos Talking source      – Nurse

 Whos Talking source My child was only 5 and his ADD and allergies almost got him kicked out of kindergarten. We tried everything and were only able to medicate and mask his symptoms. The techniques were so simple that even a child can do them. He did two brief sessions to diffuse the inherited belief and organ imbalance. Kinesiology pinpointed exactly the root cause to be balanced and the exact adaptogenic support. It was too good to be true. His self esteem has soared and he is making great progress as a first grader.  Whos Talking source      – Mother of 1st Grader

 Whos Talking source I was so overwhelmed with life. Struggling in my marriage and dealing with the grief from the death of a parent. I had lost my zest for life and was just going through the motions at work to get through the day. I knew there had to be a better way of dealing with all the blows life was throwing at me. I knew all that was wrong, I just didn't know how to fix it. In just a few weeks Elizabeth was able to give me the tools and understanding to find my way out of my hole. By the third session a light bulb went on. It was like all the weight I had been carrying around all my life had just been lifted. I was overjoyed by the relief and peace that came over me. Life is not perfect but now I know how to manage through the difficult times and make it everything I want it to be. I get it! I really get it!  Whos Talking source      – Tracy    Psychology Major

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