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  • I met Elizabeth 15 years ago at a Kinesiology class given by her husband Noble…my life has never been the same. Elizabeth has a contagious love of life,endless curiosity, and a deep understanding of the soul. Her ‘Brain Body Balance’ techniques have changed my life and the lives of my family in a positive way. The first issue I worked on with Elizabeth was anger, that was quickly transformed…I am passionate, but now I can look at things from the mountain top and not get a rise.

    Patty Anez

  • Discovering Brain Body Balance techniques has created a monumental shift in my life. I have tried other techniques and spiritual teachings but still kept repeating the same negative patterns in my life. BBB has given me the tools I need to keep stress away and bring balance to my relationships, work and health. Thank you Elizabeth!!

    Chuck Ritter

  • I am amazed at the surgical precision with which Elizabeth Harrison approaches your past wounds and the gaping holes in your heart and soul. And just as amazingly, she quickly cuts you off those blood-sucking, life-choking parasites, to free you from their grip. I have personally experienced the wonder of her healing abilities and hope you will have the good fortune to work with her and reclaim your future like I did.

    Dr. Serena Reep

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