11111 Brain Feng Shui ™: How to Increase Your Brain's Memory Power and De-Stress - Self Help Techniques

Brain Feng Shui ™: How to Increase Your Brain’s Memory Power and De-Stress

 Brain Feng Shui ™:  How to Increase Your Brains Memory Power and De Stress

Brain Feng Shui ™:  How to Increase Your Brain’s Memory Power and De-Stress

Prior to the past decade, scientific thought held that the brain could not change so your ability to increase your brain’s memory power was limited.  But in the past decade, research has shown that the brain can change, develop new nerve cells, strengthen or weaken neural circuitry.  You unconscious brain even assists you in making better decisions.


Your brain is your greatest asset, or your greatest enemy if  it is cluttered and disorganized.   Just like a cluttered and disorganized desk or computer space can stop your work flow, your brain space disorder can stop your life flow. Over the years, corrupted, overloaded, and disorganized memory files can slow down your brain’s optimal flow and block your ability to increase your memory power and de-stress.  Stress,  over time,  blocks your brain body communication and is the number one cause of dis-ease.

Over time, your unconscious, incongruent beliefs and memories affect your perception and escalates stress.  You can’t  even rely on  the accuracy of your conscious memory. With each recall, your memory changes.

You unconscious does the best it can to erase unnecessary files, simplify, prioritize, categorize, fill in the missing data, and then forwards it to our conscious brain. With that data, your unconscious brain assists you in making the best conscious decision possible.

You know you have brain space disorder when your conscious efforts to make affirmations, think positive, (hyperlink to Affirmations don’t work) and ramp up your will power just don’t work out for you. Your conscious efforts can be like dusting off your computer, hoping to delete a virus.

It is not that you are inadequate, it’s that you lack specific techniques to tap into your greatest asset, your unconscious brain memory power. Given the techniques your unconscious can re-establish brain body communication and change a destructive habit in seconds. It is your greatest, wisest and easiest to change part. It runs your life.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of organizing a space to create a positive energy flow to attract prosperity.

Brain Feng Shui™ , a Brain Body Balance™ self help technique, organizes your brain space to create a positive energy flow to heal and attract prosperity inside out. You brain space thrives on order, simplicity and a filing system with categories. Brain Feng Shui™ technique increases your memory power and opens the flow of brain body communication by deleting your brain file clutter, categorizing your memories, and organizing your brain space.

Given the escalating stress in our ever changing world, you need fast, easy change techniques that last. The results with their own lives and those they teach have been astounding, far more than they dreamed possible.

Watch for the soon to be published book, How to Increase Your Memory Power with Brain Feng Shui™ is soon to be published.

Create prosperity inside out when you use your unconscious brain for a change. Get started now with Brain Feng Shui ™ Video Training when you scroll to the bottom of this page. Your brain will be glad you did and so will  your body.

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 Brain Feng Shui ™:  How to Increase Your Brains Memory Power and De Stress



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