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      I am amazed at the surgical precision with which Elizabeth Harrison approaches your past wounds and the gaping holes in your heart and soul. And just as amazingly, she quickly cuts you off those blood-sucking, life-choking parasites, to free you from their grip. I have personally experienced the wonder of her healing abilities and hope you will have the good fortune to work with her and reclaim your future like I did

Dr. Serena R.
Life-coach, trainer, speaker, college professor and author

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP?


The Goal & Results
   Be    PRESENT to Heal, Attract, Create

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP?

Left / Right Brain – Listen
Brain / Body - Talk
Past/Present/Future - Agree
Conscious/Unconscious - Sync


Minutes to learn, seconds to use for change that lasts a lifetime!

        Cutting edge energy techniques tested on thousands of students were combined and simplified for past 15 years with consistent results that defy medical and psychology limits with mood, health, relationships, prosperity & more!

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP?


Elizabeth Harrison, LCSW

Energy Psychology Coach/Psychotherapist
Co-Creator of Brain Body BalanceTM

” I was amazed, I am panic and med free!”

Newly divorced, my ex was stalking me and I was living each day in panic with no sleep. I had taken mood meds and been in therapy for decades previously so I was out of options. I was not required to ‘feel the feelings and talk about it’. I was amazed when it took only 4 sessions and I am panic and med free. It was like the slate of fear was wiped clean. If you asked me to have it again….it does not exist. I can’t remember ever being anxiety free in my entire life.

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP? July J

“BBB has given me the tools to keep stress away”

Discovering Brain Body Balance techniques has created a monumental shift in my life. I have tried other techniques and spiritual teachings but still kept repeating the same negative patterns in my life. BBB has given me the tools I need to keep stress away and bring balance to my relationships, work and health. Thank you Elizabeth!!

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP? Chuck Ritter

“Teaches that life is about your truth.”

BrainBodyBalance Techniques opens the way to learning how to open your mind, body and soul and be a tuned to the Higher Power. It teaches that life is about your truth. No matter the challenges, you are able to remain focused and true to yourself and the Higher Power. Positive energy flows and allows you to live in the present, to simply Be.

 Plastic Brain for a Change   Circle It UP? Julio Elias


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Brain Clutter


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